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My wife and I started working with Steve about 12 years ago. Our landscaping was in need of a complete makeover, and we chose Steve’s design for the front yard as the first project.

He was creative, yet practical, and he completely restructured the space while preserving the positive features of the existing landscaping. Implementation of the plan by his company was flawless, on time, on budget, and the result has been a resounding success.

On the basis of this experience, we had Steve design and construct a more ambitious project in our back yard. This involved creation of a complex water feature that included a pond, stream with waterfalls, and a bog for filtration. He also designed the lighting, a fence and he installed a gazebo by the pond. The back yard is on the down slope of a hill. Steve recontoured the land into a series of levels, each with a different character. There was a lot going on, and he created a number of walking paths so you could experience it all, including what he called a “goat path” with hairpin turns that took you down the hill to a grassy area at the bottom. Steve created a special place for us to unwind at the end of the day, enjoy a glass of wine, feed the fish and listen to frogs. It has been a rejuvenating, healing place. Steve’s company has also performed expert routine maintenance, and he has always been there for us for a number of smaller projects.

It has been a great pleasure working with Steve over the years. His professionalism, fund of knowledge, technical skills and work quality have been exceptional. Most importantly, his passion for landscape design has had a positive impact on our lives.”