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Stephen A. Roberts Landscape Architecture & Construction

History, vision and business approach.

Stephen grew up in a rural community in Western Massachusetts surrounded by acres of woods, swamps, gravel pits and agricultural fields. This was his playground, classroom and chapel. Digging underground forts, building grass huts, and climbing trees was a daily activity. Stephen’s house was located on a small dirt road. After heavy rainstorms, Stephen would enjoy playing in the puddles, connecting the puddles with small streams and constructing dams. These were his early lessons in drainage, hydrology, and pond construction.

Another activity Stephen would enjoy would be to collect the rocks, paint them, and put them up for sale on a T.V. tray at the top of his street. Stephen’s fascination with the landscape, plants and animals is the essence of his spirit. His journey as a professional began in his neighborhood, mowing lawns and clearing brush for his neighbors. After high school Stephen earned an Associates Degree in Landscape Design from Springfield Technical Community College. After graduating, Stephen worked for several landscape companies, designing, selling, pruning, spraying, constructing, planting and mowing. He realized his passion was in the area of design and decided to go back to school. He continued on to UMASS to earn a Bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture. He then apprenticed for a local Landscape Architect for two years and decided to jump out on his own in 1996.

Stephen’s vision for his business was to provide both residential and commercial clients with creative, professional plans, and to assist them in the construction of these projects. By doing so he was able to influence the projects from start to finish. Over the years Stephen has built a team of talented designers, masons, horticulturalist and laborers that can execute just about anything that needs to be built in the landscape.

Stephen’s success is founded on his spirit of excellence. He seeks these qualities out in the people that he employs, and makes certain that a high standard of quality is always the number one priority.