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What We Do

Landscape Design & Construction

We consider ourselves stewards of the land. We strive to work in harmony with the land and to approach change in an environmentally sensitive and logical way. From our initial contact with a prospective client, we like to establish your goals and dreams for your property. Our staff includes designers, masons, horticulturalists and turf specialists. Every phase of the project is carefully thought-out and executed in an orderly and efficient manner. To see which of our services you may be interested in, please view our services form.

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How We Begin

As landscape designers, we have the privilege of working with people who desire beautiful, functional spaces to live, work, and play in. Our goal is to create landscapes that enhance people’s lives: a garden to visit and collect some cut flowers, a water feature to observe, a play area for the kids to dig, jump, and play in. There are endless opportunities for our work to enhance lives and lift spirits. Our job is to work with you to create these special places in your corner of the world.

Design May Include:

  • Site analysis
  • Concept plans and sketches
  • Site preparation plan
  • Grading and drainage plan
  • Layout plan
  • Planting plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Irrigation plan
  • Details / Specifications

Design Process

The landscape design process begins with a site visit and meeting with the client. We collect information to establish dreams and goals for the site. We determine problems and opportunities and study natural factors such as topography, hydrology, and vegetation; as well as cultural factors such as existing land use, culture of clients, and zoning regulations.

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Next, we create the concept plan. We develop sketches, computer renderings, models, and any media to help us visualize a stimulating and functional site. We encourage input from our client.

When a final concept is agreed upon, we put the nuts and bolts of the design together. At this stage, we develop any necessary plans to assist with the implementation of a project.

Landscape Design & Construction
Bringing Dreams to Reality!


Bringing a Design to Reality

From our design studio, our projects are handed over to our construction crew. The project designer checks in with the crew daily and helps with any questions that may arise. This ensures that the vision that was created in the studio does not get lost in the field!

Because our landscape designers stay involved, our projects continue to get tweaked and altered until the maximum effect has been achieved.

We pay close attention to small details that give our projects a distinct feel. From the height of a bench, to the width of a path, all the details are important. We also take care to ensure that the technical aspects are installed correctly, which may involve back-filling a wall properly, or checking the pitch of a patio. To us, all layers of the design are important and integral to a project’s success.

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Implementation May Include:

  • Site preparation:
    Demolition of existing walls or structures. Removal or pruning of vegetation. Stripping and stockpiling of topsoil.
  • Hardscape construction:
    Construction of walls, paving, drainage and structures.
  • Grading and soil preparation:
    Installation of topsoil, grading to insure runoff, amending of soils.
  • Specialty installation:
    Irrigation and lighting installation.
  • Planting:
    Installation of trees, shrubs, ground covers, and turf.
  • Inspection and inventory:
    We inspect the site to ensure that it is free from debris, and that the materials specified in the plans are accounted for. We meet with the client to answer questions regarding plant care, irrigation or lighting operation. We make sure the customer is satisfied and happy with the project.


When a Landscape Project is Complete

After a project is complete, we don’t just leave you on your own. We like to follow up with a couple of site visits to make sure that the plants are doing well, and that other elements are functioning the way we intended. Maybe the flow of the stream needs to be adjusted, or the lighting needs to be tweaked for maximum effect.

We get great satisfaction from watching our projects mature and flourish. We offer extended services to help maintain your property and to keep it looking good and functioning properly.

Our skilled horticulturist, masons, and technicians will be there for you should the need arise. We take great pride in our work and like to stay in touch with you and your landscape after a project is completed. We have trained horticulturist to aid in bringing a garden to its intended glory.

Maintenance May Include:

  • Bed weed control
  • Manual weeding
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Insect and disease control
  • Ornamental fertilization
  • Turf programs
  • Dead-heading and dividing of perennials
  • Spring and fall cleanup
  • Masonry repair
  • Irrigation adjustment/repair
  • Drainage and gutter maintenance
  • Lighting service
  • Horticulture maintenance
  • Deck and patio washing and sealing
  • Invasive vegetation control
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