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    Landscape Architecture & Construction

    Site master planningDriveway / walkway / stepsRetaining wall or free standing wallOutdoor room / Patio / outdoor cooking systemsGrading and drainageCustom fence / shed / deck / arbor / trellis / pergolaChildren's play areaPlanting design - Trees / shrubs / ground covers / perennial gardensWater features - Fountain / pond / water fallOutdoor illumination

    Horticultural Maintenance

    Spring clean up of planting beds / cutting back of perennials and grassesPruning and repairing of plants with winter damageEdging of planting bedsFertilization of ornamental trees / shrubs and perennialsBed weed controlMulching of bedsTransplanting of mature trees and shrubsDividing of perennials and grassesPlanting of Spring and Summer annualsSummer trimming and pruning of deciduous and evergreen shrubsSummer weeding of bedsFall cutting back of perennials and grassesFall planting of bulbsWinter pruning of dormant ornamental trees / shrubs and vinesVegetation cleaning and control

    Turf Installation and Management

    Turf thatching and renovation / seeding and soddingTurf management - Fertilization / insect and disease monitoring and treatment

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